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Solar system and beyond poster set


A new poster set

About our solar system and beyond.


72 unique designs

Official NASA pictures.


High quality prints

Thick 200g/m² museum paper with matte finish.

MK2 Kit

This kit is designed to allow you to easily assemble your own watch. It’s easy to assemble and allows everyone to experience watchmaking.

Made it. Just as you dreamed.

How to discover the world of watches?

The first answer that comes to mind is: buy a watch.

This seems logical, but very quickly, it is not enough.

Watchmaking is a noble art, discovering it takes time.

Most people buy a nice watch and that’s it.

There is so much more than that.

A historical watch is fine.

But you also want a watch with feelings.

The watch you wore at your wedding.

The one you wore at your graduation.

The one a loved one gave you.

The one filled with good memories.

How to do it?

If you have ever wanted to build your own watch, you have noticed that buying the components one by one is expensive and complicated.

Some brands offer kits providing all the necessary components but it’s expensive: 350€ to 500€.

We thought that if there was no cheaper kit, we could do it. And we did.

We wanted something unique, that you could load with memories upon receipt.

It’s not just an object you receive.

It’s an experience.

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